Monday, May 15, 2017

Lynne's Red Barn Block

This is the second barn block that Lynne loaned
to me for use in two recent classes.

The red Weare barn block measures 25" tall x 31" wide.

If you double click the photo, it will supersize.

I love how she pieced the floodlight.

Just look at the tiny details she pieced into the barn doors and windows.

Fabric choices really do matter.

Thank you Lynne for sharing your barns with my students!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Lynne's Green Barn Block

Approx. 32" tall x 36" wide

hanging on my design wall - double clicking will supersize the photo.

That large leafy print in the background
does such a good job of setting the barn
into its heavily wooded surroundings.

Before I sent it home,
I took a couple of detail photos
to show you how each small decision
impacts the overall free pieced result.

Look at the window above the blue barn door.

See how she used two fabrics to indicate broken window panes?

And look at the framing for the small window
in the barn's peak.

She used three fabrics to create the light pole,
each adding texture and dimension.

Subtle but oh so effective.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Debbie's Harvest Barn

double click to supersize photo

Last year during the SSOBB Blog Hop,
Debbie shared her Harvest Barn in this post.

We all know it is one thing to see a quilt through photos
and another, very different, thing to see the quilt in person.

Debbie kindly shared her Harvest Barn 
with my class at The Folk School last month.

Of course while the barn was there I just HAD to take these photos.


Thank you, Debbie for sharing your barn quilt with my students.

* * *

Have YOU built a barn?

If so, I'll be happy to share your work here.
( email address is my profile in the sidebar)

Monday, April 24, 2017

On the Road Again

Nancy from Blogging Near Philadelphia shared this photo
of BUILD A BARN's Seasonal Sampler
at the recent AQS Lancaster show.

Thank you, Nancy!

Wendy from The Constant Quilter
also shared photos of The Seasonal Sampler
from the Lancaster show in a recent blog post.

Here is Wendy's photo of the name tag
that travels with the quilt.

Thank you, Wendy!

* * *

Two of this year's AQS shows have come and gone
but there are still four more shows on the 2017 calendar:

Apr. 26 – 29 will be Spring Paducah, KY

Aug. 16 – 19 will be the show at Grand Rapids, MI

Sep. 13 – 16 will be Fall Paducah, KY


Oct. 4 – 7 will be Des Moines, IA

If you go to any of these shows and see 
The Seasonal Sampler in the Authors' Exhibit,
please take a photo (serious or silly) and email it to me.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Student Barns from The Folk School

This is Brenda's second barn and her very first silo.

Be sure to double-click these photos
so you can enjoy the details.

This is Sandra's second barn adorned with
hay bales and pumpkins, a dog and a tractor,
and a haymow sign for Farm Fresh Eggs.

This is Sandra's third barn
which ended up being nicknamed
 "The Psychedelic Barn"

The fabrics themselves inspired this one 
and we all enjoyed watching it come to life.

Instead of using the candy-colored stripe in its original form,
it was cut into 4.5" squares and sewed back together 
rail fence style before it was used to light up the sky.

* * *

We had so much fun during our week together!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

First Barns

There were three new-to-free piecing students in my Folk School class -
Brenda and Sandra and Marlene.

This is the first barn that Brenda built.

She plans to machine appliqué the chickens, trees,
weathervane, and tractor scene.

This is the first barn that Marlene built.

She's planning to hand appliqué the chickens and tractor.

double click to supersize photo

This is the first barn that Sandra built.

When she laid out her ground fabrics 
she kept saying "they're too straight . . . "
so she successfully added some gentle curved piecing. 

The horse and his window are free pieced.

She brought several barn quilt blocks
she had prepared using Printed Treasures -
this one was framed and then machine appliquéd in place.

The sheep will be machine appliquéd.

* * *

Over the course of the week
a total of seven barns were created.

I'll share three more in a few days.

The seventh barn is undergoing modifications
so we'll wait to share "before" and "after" photos.